Twin Loups Irrigation District Recommends PVC Pipe!

The Twin Loups Irrigation District, headquartered in Scotia, Nebraska, spent the fall of 2013 renovating a portion of their irrigation system by replacing open laterals with buried PVC pipe. The Twin Loups system currently has 212 miles of open laterals, 19 of which are concrete canals and 170 miles of buried pipelines, irrigating over 55,000 acres throughout a seven county area in central Nebraska.

A few years prior to installation, Twin Loups began designing a system and developing funding to replace 4,100 feet of an open lateral. An inability to regulate a consistent flow even with the use of an electronic monitoring system was the reason they chose to upgrade to PVC pipe. Twin Loups specified 30” DR51 (80 PSI) C905 PVC pipe as the replacement product. The renovated line became a much more efficient way to serve the 10 pivots and 1,269 acres that rely on TLID for water each year. As a result of the superior performance the Twin Loups Irrigation District has experienced with PVC over many decades, they will continue to specify and install it for this and future projects.


The superior performance is the result of many factors such as flow capacity, corrosion resistance, ease of installation, and longevity. In addition to these qualities PVC has a low upfront installed cost and a long life expectancy that results in true sustainability. 

While Twin Loups is a proponent of PVC, they do have other piping materials in service throughout parts of their system. In many cases, these other piping materials were installed in the past at a time when 18 inch diameter was the largest PVC pipe available. This was insufficient to accommodate their needs at that time. Now PVC pipe has been manufactured through 48 inches for almost a decade and Diamond Plastics is set to bring 54” and 60” solid wall PVC pressure pipe to market in 2014. This product expansion will be available in pressure classes of 125 psi, 100 psi and 80 psi. 

There are many irrigation districts, like Twin Loups, who have been taking advantage of the efficiency & sustainability of PVC pipe for decades. If you have a similar story to share or would like more information on the benefits of installing PVC visit our website to locate a sales rep near you.