C900 (4" Through 12")


Diamond Plastics manufactures 4” through 12” cast iron O.D. PVC pressure pipe in accordance with AWWA C900, Standard for Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pressure Pipe and Fabricated Fittings, 4 In. Through 12 In. (100 mm Through 300 mm) for Water Transmission and Distribution.

This standard contains manufacturing and quality assurance requirements for gasketed PVC pipe with three pressure classes: PR 165 (DR25), PR 235 (DR18) and PR 305 (DR 14). This standard was originally published in 1975 and these products have come to dominate the municipal water distribution and sewage force main market over the past thirty two (32) years due to their tremendous strength, flexibility, corrosion free material and superior hydraulics.

Being corrosion free and flexible makes them practically impervious to the kinds of water line breaks experienced by products of the past which corrode and break during spring thaw or other soil shifting events. This substantially reduces water loss as well as maintenance and repair costs.

It’s corrosion free and extremely smooth wall surfaces dramatically decrease the kinds of internal wall sediment buildup which reduces flow capacity and causes “red water” at the tap. These products are suitable for most pressure applications for which bottle tight joints and corrosion free materials are desirable.