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Amster Howard

Based upon the success of our 2016 and 2017 Open House and all the positive feedback we got, we decided to host a similar yet more comprehensive and improved event in 2018 at our Grand Island, Nebraska headquarters. Our guests had the rare opportunity to see the world’s largest PVC pipe production line in action and meet the technicians & engineers with the experience to bring 60" solid wall PVC pipe to pressure water, sanitary sewer, storm & drainage applications. Video footage of several events was captured to provide a brief preview of the Open House. This quick but comprehensive seven minute video takes the viewer through the different presentations that were available throughout the week as well as dinners and entertainment.

Plant Tour

Click here to see this highly informative and entertaining video. And feel free to forward this to your associates.

If you have any questions about future Diamond Plastics Open House, please email Angel Alvarez at (aalvarez@dpcpipe.com) or locate your regional sales representative online at dpcpipe.com.

A Few Quotes from 2018 Open House Attendees.

Leslie Farnsworth-Lee (Providence Infrastructure Consultants): "This event was excellent, better than some full blown conferences I've been to. Given that it was hosted by a pipe manufacturer, I went into it a bit skeptical expecting to hear some bashing of other pipe materials. There was non of that."

Brennen Fischer (Ruekert Mielke): "The open house was an invaluable experience for me. I was able to walk away a little bit smarter and a better engineer thanks to the subject matter covered, experts and resources provided. Everyone from Diamond Plastics was knowledgeable and helpful. It was awesome to be with other engineers and operators from all over the country and learn about their projects and experiences."

Robert Weinert (Alan Plummer and Associates): "It was great to be able to see how PVC pipe is produced and be more informed on the design considerations regarding PVC. If they were invited, I'd recommend attending this event to my coworkers."

Travis Schattle (Alan Plummer and Associates): "The DPC Open House was a very informative and interesting experience. As a consultant, it was beneficial to see the process of manufacturing the pipe, and then learn of the necessary considerations involved in a successful pipe installation.

"Wendy Daughtry (Providence Infrastructure Consultants): "This was a well-executed, top notch event. From a design engineer's perspective, this event was very educational and it was a privilege to be in attendance alongside so many individuals who have been instrumental in developing the PVC pipeline industry."

Diamond Plastics hosts training seminars like this one every Spring, we hope you will consider attending the next session in 2019. If you would be interested in participating in this type of activity please reach out to your local representative here so that we may add you to the list of future invitees. We will be announcing next year's Open House dates soon. Space at the 2019 Open House will be limited to 50 attendees. We look forward to another wonderful educational experience.

Diamond Plastics Corporation is a proud long-standing member of the Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association, your technical resource partner in pipeline application and design (www.unibell.org).